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Medication-Assisted Treatment, Ketamine Infusion Therapy, Psychedelic Therapy for Addiction and Mental Health Rehabilitation

Heroin to Suboxone to Ketamine to Nature

People are dying from opiate addiction, heroin addiction, addiction to fentanly and opiate based prescription pain medications like Oxycontin or hydrocodone. Suboxone is the New Gold Standard for treating opiate addiction. However, with drug addiction comes mental health illnesses such as anxiety or depression. It is crucial now more than ever, we find new healthy alternative for treating Dual Diagnosis. Depression and Addiction go hand in hand. Suboxone is a great medication for a quick 7-10 day taper protocol so that patients do not need to suffer through major opiate withdrawal symptoms. Once out of the woods, patients are encouraged to explore Ketamine therapy or Ketamine infusions for their addiction and depression or Dual Diagnosis treatment. Ketamine is working tremendously with addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. Contact our Suboxone Doctors and Ketamine Doctors today for assistance 888-480-7274

“Quisque velit nisi, Ketamine Infusion Therapy Was A Life Changing Experience. “

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What is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine infusion therapy is being prescribed by Ketamine doctors in Lexington, KY to help with addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Asthma and sleeping disorders. 

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Typically, MAT or Medication-Assisted Treatment is known as Suboxone Treatment, however, now we are seeing Ketamine infusions being used in combination with counseling services. 

Do I need Suboxone and Ketamine?

Suboxone is used for opiate addiction withdrawal symptoms while Ketamine is used for depression and most recently, alcoholism and drug addiction. Speak to your Suboxone Doctor or Ketamine Doctor about using both medications. 

Is There a Good Suboxone Doctor in Lexington KY?

We work with Suboxone doctors at Restore Health KY, INC in Lexington, KY among some others in Nicholasville and Versailles. 

Is There a Good Ketamine Doctor in Lexington, KY?

We work with Wellward Regenerative Medicine as well as Ketamine Therapy USA and their Ketamine Therapy Doctors Nationwide. 

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