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Medication-Assisted treatment or Suboxone treatment is the New Gold Standard for treating opiate addiction. Ketamine Therapy is the New Gold Standard for treating depression. Is it said by Ketamine doctors to be the biggest breakthrough in half century for treating depression. Recently, however, addiction, alcoholism, PTSD and mental health disorders or illnesses have been added to the list. 

Suboxone Treatment Short-Term vs Long

Suboxone may be a great tool in a person’s recovery tool box but is it great for people long term? Is it a band aid approach that is perpetuating the revolving door or “pill mill” treatment model simply exchanging Heroin or Opiate Pain Medications with Suboxone or Subutex. When do the cycle of taking medications everyday, booking doctors appointments every week and sitting in support groups or counseling sessions multiple times a month end? When do we begin to experience true freedom from drug addiction and alcoholism. We ccan not continue to treat disease with disease mentality. We must break free from all narcotics if we are going to live a life of higher quality. Ketamine infusion therapy is showing tremendous results with treating addiction and alcoholism and many of the patients or participants do not need long term suboxone or ketamine or counseling services. They connect with their Highest Self and begin to create a new life, a new reality for themselves and their families. 

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