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Are you addicted to heroin? Addicted to opiate pain medications? Tired to waking up feeling less than your absolute best? Is this lifestyle “feel” like you are living or are your dying? There are new ways of healing that don’t require the daily consumption of Suboxone or Subutex or Vivitrol. There is Kambo detox or Kambo cleanse. These Kambo healing detoxification ceremonies are legal and have been used by ancient indigenous people for 1000’s of years, long before doctors and hospitals were formed or began treating “symptoms” rather than ROOT causes of pain, of addiction, of trauma. If Kambo detox is not an option, perhaps Ketamine infusion therapy may be better suited? 



Suboxone Doctor Kentucky provides online suboxone doctor appointments. In addition to suboxone treatment, Suboxone Doctor Kentucky provides Ketamine doctors or Ketamine therapy in Lexington, KY through collaboration with local Ketamine therapy doctors in Lexington, KY. lease fill out this simple contact form and we will be in touch within an hour. Thank you! Call +1 (888) 480-7274 for immediate assistance. For more information about suboxone treatment, pain management or Ketamine infusion therapy centers in Lexington, KY, please give us a call today. Ketamine therapy works!

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